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-$2 per inch of blade (includes blade repairs, but does not include handle repairs)

-$10 per scissors (unless blades come apart easily, they will not be taken apart)

-$20 per straight razor (some razors, if not maintained properly for a long time, may be beyond help)

All knives sharpened by master knife sharpener Taylor Edgerton. Prices include repairing chips and tips. Sharpening is carried out on Sunday when "Nothing To It! Culinary Center" is closed. Typically, knives will be ready for pickup the following Monday. Exceptions include major repairs that may take up to a week.


The sharpening process is done all on whetstones. Taylor starts with a very course diamond stone to reset bevels, repair minor damage, and to address bolster if necessary. Major repairs will be first addressed on a variable speed belt grinder, before finishing on the stones. After the knife comes off the diamond stone, the edge is refined on a 600 grit whetstone, followed by a 3k grit whetstone to finish the progression.


3k grit as a finish is a great cross between edge stability and "toothiness." Toothiness is a highly technical term referring to the micro serrations at the edge of a knife. Too fine a pattern, and the knife won't bite into the skins of vegetables easily. Too course a scratch pattern, and the stability of the edge can be poor.

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